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Seda Kahn

Hi there! 👋 A product designer by training, operator at heart, and continuous learner by passion — I’m on a mission to make the world's products & services more honest, purposeful, and magical. 💫 Though educated in Oxford and Dubai, I’ve since immigrated to San Francisco, where I'm exploring how “service productisation” can be applied to wicked systems like education, immigration, and self-development. 🤲While searching for my next adventure, I’m currently a Board Chair at the Stanford University Bechtel Center’s CCIS. 🏛️ Previously, I've served as a lecture translator & conference organiser in areas like AI and EdTech. I later founded language-learning startup Matrëshka to help Russian-speaking children access the English-speaking world. 🪆 I'm also the author of A Very Unofficial Guide to the K-1 Visa, a book born of my experiences navigating immigration to the United States during a time of war. ✈️Today I live in California with my husband, German-American entrepreneur Carson Kahn, where we’re known to enjoy mushroom jerky, binging John Oliver, and the occasional game of Rummikub. 🀄